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... let go of the old conditioning, stop overcompansating for the lack of self-worth and release the need for control that´s draining your inner magnetism

If you ever feel like you´re “doing“ the work and nothing changes or as if you´re trying to “fix” yourself and you still feel the same, then you´re stuck in the disempowered paradigm of “there´s something wrong with me and unless I change I can´t have the life I desire”.

The deeper integration starts when you realize that you´re not a fixer-upper.

Creating the life you can truly enjoy and that´s deeply fulfilling starts with a paradigm shift.

What if there was nothing wrong with you and you just didn´t know how to use your emotions, energy, and triggers in a way that´ll work FOR you and not against you?

The external goal-oriented approach dismisses the emotional (inner) journey and the magic of your intuition.

Lasting change starts with permission. Permission to trust your own wisdom and to trust that you are built to know what the next right step for you is without following any external rules or strategies that give you a false sense of safety and security.

The feminine way of living is not about restriction, rules, and constraints. It´s about feeling and intuiting your way through the world. You´re creating from the feeling, not the other way around.

When the masculine and feminine counterparts within you are no longer at war it feels like you finally came home to yourself. This inner wholeness generates radical self-acceptance and feelings of being supported, worthy, and loved.

You no longer need to use personal development as a sneaky way of earning the outcomes because they start happening naturally as a byproduct of you being you.

If you´re a woman your strength comes from within.

Your emotions are magnetic.

Your focus is your power.

You don´t chase, you attract.

You don´t beg, you become.

You don't react, you create.

Eva, Holistic Mindset Coach, amiracleworkbook.com

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